2 Step Wax Polish

Why Impression Car Care Wax Polish

Wax is different with Polish, the reason we have Wax Polish service is because Wax can not remove scratches and Polish can. Many car detailers charge very expensive  price for polishing the whole car,  when actually some car only need to polish some minor scratches.

With our Wax Polish service,  our first step is to clean the car by washing it and apply the clay bar to remove all the contamination that can not be cleaned by washing it, such as dirt, bugs, bitumen and tar.

After  we finish with the preparation,  we will continue to inspect the paint, looking for the scratches that need to be removed by polishing, and then followed by  applying the wax on top of the paint.

 once the wax process is complete, it doesn’t mean that the job is completed. The next step we do is to clean all the mess from polishing, door jambs, all windows, shine the tyres & polish the chrome accessories on your car.We do all the extras because we are different, We are a car detailer with an Impression.

Top 4 fact why you need to Wax your car regularly?

Most everyone has heard that it’s a good idea to regularly wax their car, but not everybody knows why. We get asked all the time what benefits people can gain by waxing their car, so this top 4 reason why we need to wax your car regularly.

1. Shine – Wax is the most affordable way to get your car looking glossy and new. 

2. Protection  – The purpose of car wax is to leave a layer of protective material on your car. It not only helps your vehicle look good but protects it from all sorts of contaminants such as Bugs, acid rain, and other corrosive materials.

3. Easy Washing – When you inevitably get bugs, sap, and all other sorts of things dripping onto your car the wax will prevent them from making contact with your paint. They will then be wiped away with a car wash or will come off when the wax is removed. Without a coat of wax these things may need a full detail to be properly removed.

4. Fills In Scratches – Wax will NOT remove scratches from your car. But it can fill some of them in. When shallow scratches are filled in by wax they become much less apparent, or not noticeable at all.

Price list for 2 Step – Wax Polish

2 Step Wax – Polish Price List & the cars pricing sample,
Small hatchback – $170 ( Toyota Yaris)
Large hatchback / Small Sedan – $190   ( Toyota Corolla hatchback / Sedan) 
Large Sedan / Small SUV – $220   ( Toyota Camry / Toyota RAV4 )
Large SUV / Small 4WD – $240   ( Toyota Kluger / Toyota Fortuner )
Large 4WD – $260   ( Toyota Land Cruiser / Toyota Prado )

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