Express Car Wash

Express Car Wash gives your car an easy maintenance, we will wash the outside car body with a car shampoo that will wash and wax at the same time. It will protect the paint and deposit a shiny layer on your car. This package will also clean the wheels and tyres giving you a complete clean vehicle.

Not only the outside, but we do clean the inside as well. We will vacuum your carpet and seats and as our final touch your car interior will be deodorised and leaving a nice scent the next time your drive.

Why do it yourself and spend more times if you just want your car clean, let we do it for you.

Minimum of 2 cars are required at the same time and place for this package.

Impression Car Wash

You love your car and want to maintain your car regularly with a professional touch. Impression Car Wash is the ideal package for you.

In this package we use a snow foam wash wax which is gentle on wax and paint protection yet strong enough to get rid of the grim and built-up dirt. Foaming wash wax has a unique formula that creates foaming bubbles to capture dirt particles and removed them without scratching the surface. It is a high tech product we used to prevent any marks, scratches and marring caused by improper washing.

We will clean your windows inside out leaving no marks, your wheels and tyres will not only be cleaned but will also be mirror look and shiny.  As for the inside, the carpets, seats and boot will be vacuumed leaving no dirt behind. Your interior will be cleaned and dressed. It is not only giving your interior a shinny look but also a powerful UV blockers that will prevent your interior against fading, cracking and aging.

Included in this package are cleaned glove box and air conditioner frame, and door and boot jambs cleaned. As a final touch of our service we will deodorised your car interior with a nice scent leaving you with pleasant experience with us.

It is a car wash with an impression.

Exterior Detailing

If you cars look tired, old and you don’t feel attracted to it anymore you probably need an Exterior Detailing on your car. Exterior Detailing package will give your car a brand new looks.

We do have an express exterior detailing which applied only on good paint condition. However we strongly recommend our full exterior detailing which will not fail to impress you. With a full treatment of polish, wax and sealant, you will be amazed with the finishing result.

With this package you will feel the difference before and after. Your car will be smooth when you touched the surface after we do the polish, it scrub the grim and built-up dirt that can’t simply removed by a wash. It also will remove the swirl marks and light scratches on your car, restoring the paint conditions to the best it possible. We will then capture this condition by a sealant that will protect your car paint and giving it a rich and wet paint look.

Included in this package is tyre dressed and muffler tip cleaned.

Give your car another chance to be shiny and attractive, that you proud to bring and show it off to your friend. They will think if you have bought a brand new car.

Interior Detailing

Your luxury leather car seats, soft comfortable fabric seats, carpet and mats deteriorate over time. Not to mention the dirt and germ left behind from food crumbs, coffee or tea spills, or just from day to day usage. You want to be comfortable inside your car while you’re driving. That’s why we over you our Interior Detailing package.

Our leather conditioner and protection penetrates deep into your leather car seats, nourish it regardless of its age and protect from drying, cracking and brittleness that occurs naturally with age. It also restoring the fresh smells of leather and protect from UV and accidental spills.  With this treatment, your leather car seat will preserve the leather’s strength, durability and appearance. The final result will be a shiny leather look with a smooth dry touch.

Our powerful fabric and carpet extractor is able to clean your fabric car seats, carpet and mats from dirt and stains and has low residual moisture so they will be dry in no time after we clean them. It not only removed the dirt and stain but also eliminates bacteria from your car. You will drive in comfort and feel refresh.

Included in this package is interior cleaned and vacuumed.

Treat yourself with a feeling of driving a brand new car.

Impression Detailing

Have you ever missed the feeling when you first ride your car? We can give you back the feeling if you choose our Impression Detailing package.

This package is a value for money. It combines three packages with a less price. You will get Impression Car Wash, Exterior Detailing and Interior Detailing at the same time for just from $400. This package will transform your car dramatically inside out. Impression Detailing will pamper your car. It gives the ultimate service a car can get. The experience after having this package is beyond words. Be ready to get impressed inside out. 


9H Nano Ceramic Coating Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating Paint Protection is a liquid glass coating formulated to repel water, dirt and create a shiny & easy to clean surface. It will not wash off, turn yellow, crack or peel. By coating your car paint, it will eliminates the need for continous waxing, washing, and detailing maintenance cost. Our superior protection is ideal for all automotive vehicle and leaves each car looking brand new.

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