Fabric Shampooing

Our powerful fabric and carpet extractor is designed to clean your fabric car seats, carpet and mats from dirt, stains, coffee spill and your kids vomit or accident. Our product has low residual moisture so they will be dry in no time after we clean them. It will not only removed the dirt and stain but also eliminates bacteria from your car. You will drive in comfort and feel refresh.

Price List for Fabric Shampooing,

Seats Cleaning
5 Seater – $80
7 – 8 Seater – $100

Interior Carpet Shampooing & Cleaning
Medium Vehicle – $70
Large Vehicle – $80
Carpet Mats Shampooing – $5 each

Interior Steam Clean
Medium Vehicle – $50
Large Vehicle – $70

Vacuum & Basic Clean Interior
Medium Vehicle – $30
Large Vehicle – $40

Extra price may apply for excessive dirt and location

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