Impression Wash Wax Interior Detailing

In this package we use wash wax car wash which is gentle on wax and paint protection yet strong enough to get rid of the grim and built-up dirt. Foaming wash wax has a unique formula that creates foaming bubbles to capture dirt particles and removed them without scratching the surface.

It is a high tech product we used to prevent any marks, scratches and marring caused by improper washing.We will clean your windows inside out leaving no marks, your wheels and tyres will not only be cleaned but will also be mirror look and shiny.  As for the inside, the carpets, seats and boot will be vacuumed leaving no dirt behind. Your interior will be cleaned and dressed.

It will not only giving your interior a shinny look but also a powerful UV blockers that will prevent your interior against fading, cracking and aging. Included in this package are cleaned glove box and air conditioner frame, and door and boot jambs cleaned. As a final touch of our service we will deodorised your car interior with a nice scent leaving you with pleasant experience with us.It is a car wash with an impression.

What do you get from Impression Wash Wax Interior Detailing,

1. Premium Wash Wax Car Wash

2. Vacuumed Seats & underneath the seats, interior carpet & carpets mats, and the boot as well.

3. Clean & wipe interior including glove box, aircon vent, the cup holder and everything on the car interior that can be clean by wiping.

4. Shine the Interior and protect it from the uv *only apply for some car interior.

5. Windows cleaned

6. Door & boot jambs cleaned

7. Wheels cleaned & shine

8. Interior deodoried

Impression Wash Wax Interior Detailing price list & pricing sample,

Small hatchback – $65 ( Toyota Yaris)

Large hatchback / Small Sedan – $70 ( Toyota Corolla hatchback / Sedan)

Large Sedan / Small SUV – $75 ( Toyota Camry / Toyota RAV4 )

Large SUV / Small 4WD – $80 ( Toyota Kluger / Toyota Fortuner )

Large 4WD – $85 ( Toyota Land Cruiser / Toyota Prado )

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